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- Lamina Flow Hood

- Conductive Floor Tile

- Raised Floor

- Pre Filter,  - Medium Filler

- HEPA Filter

- FFU, Fan Filter Unit


- Pass Box with Air Shower

- All in one LED Lighting

- epoxy powder coating

- stainless steel


- ISO 14644-1 class 4-8

- FED.209E class 10-100K

- Pressure Control

- Temperature Control

- Humidity Control

- Insulate, PS, PU, Roskwool, Honey Comb

Product Feature

Air showers are specialized antechambers which personnel need to pass through before entering cleanrooms

Clean Booth หรือพื้นที่สะอาด ซึ่งสามารถกำหนดระดับชั้นความสะอาด (Cleanroom Class )ได้เหมือนกับคลีนรูม

Cleanrooms can be very large. Entire manufacturing facilities can be contained within a...

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Extended Surface Pleated Panel Filters

AstroCel® II

High Quality HEPA and ULPA Filters